iPhone 4 to iPhone 5

iPhone 4 to iPhone  5
So how does the iPhone 5 compare with the iPhone 4? Experts say that software-wise, iPhone 5 is a minor update over iPhone 4. Most notable areas of change are the hardware parts, the processor and the way iPhone 5 lets you sync your work. The iOS is different on both the devices and that is probably as far as it can get. The signal issues that iPhone 4 has would probably be removed totally in the iPhone 5 design – that was one huge problem Apple was facing.
Popular websites that keep us in-tune with iPhone 5 feature rumors and news seem to unanimously agree that the iPhone 5 would boast a slimmer design than the iPhone 4. Being wary of the glass display and the glass back of the iPhone 4 – because of its brittle nature – features of iPhone 5 could very well have an all-metal look with a stronger and stolid display. This might also reduce the chances of the signal problem we found in iPhone 4.
But the details are not in these minor information. The original crux which would attract people is in the details of the processors, the camera, and many other relatively new things that is expected in the iPhone 5 specs. Let’s take a look at each of these clearly and also find out the possibility of their occurrence in the iPhone 5 when it is released.
iPhone5: The Hardware
Every product that Apple has come out with, has had a very strong sense of elegance. Even the latest iPhone 4 had this very cool look and professionalism. iPhone 5 is said to be thinner, slimmer, stronger and most appealing in terms of size.
8 MP Camera with Dual Flash
With the launch of the iPhone 4, Apple brought FaceTime video chatting to the mobile market. However, as those who have tried to video chat over the iPhone know, the quality isn’t nearly as great as it could be. And for folks who use their phone to snap some photos, better picture quality than what the 5-megapixel camera can offer would be nice. Vastly improved cameras in the iPhone 5 could cause not only iPhone 3GS owners, but even some iPhone 4 owners, to opt for the latest and greatest smartphone Apple has to offer.
A bigger screen
One of the biggest issues with the iPhone has been its 3.5-inch screen. Granted, it has the best resolution on the market, but competitors, like the Motorola Droid X, come with a 4.3-inch display that makes Apple’s option look rather small in comparison. If the iPhone 5 comes with a larger, 4.3-inch display and boasts the aforementioned end-to-end design, it could be a winner at retail.

A5 Processor
Of all features of iPhone 5, one of the finest thing we believe is the processor. Apple has finally relieved its A4 processor and brought in a dual-core processor that fires up its iPad 2. If iPad and iPhone 4 had the same processors, then it is quite logical to assume that iPhone 5 and iPad 2 would have the same – the A5 processor dual-core for enhanced performance. This is a very sure rumor as far as we know.
            More Gesture-based – No Home Button
Well, yeah, quite possibily. Apple has moved to improved gesture based controls through its iOS 5. So it is quite possible that the home screen might be dropped for enhanced gesture-controls – one large interface change in iPhone 5 specifications.
More Storage– the features of iPhone 5 is more likely to have an improved RAM of 1GB to go with the dual-core processor. The RAM was 512 MB in the iPhone 4. The storage too might have a chance of increase.
An antenna fix
When the iPhone 4 launched, owners quickly realized that when they held the device with a “death grip,” they would lose some signal quality. After acknowledging the issue, Apple offered up free cases to address the problem. Apple CEO Steve Jobs also said that just about every other smartphone on the market experiences the same issue. If Apple can offer an iPhone 5 that doesn’t suffer from signal-quality loss, a large number of customers might jump at the chance to get their hands on the device
Dual radios
Earlier this year, Apple launched the iPhone on Verizon’s network, ending the long-term exclusivity arrangement it had in place with AT&T. Now that the company supports both GSM and CDMA technology in the U.S., there are rumors that it might add the ability to connect to either technology from a single device. So, rather than sell two iPhone models, the company can sell one, and allow consumers to choose their carrier. Such a move would transform the mobile market and undoubtedly get a boatload of customers to opt for the iPhone 5 over any other. The more options that are available to customers, the better.

More enterprise features
Apple has been making serious inroads into the enterprise market with each new release of the iPhone. However, it would be nice to see the company double down on the corporate world with the iPhone 5 by offering IT managers even more control over the wireless phone than they have now through the company’s device-management tools. By offering up more enterprise-focused features in iOS especially, Apple could seriously hurt RIM’s market share with the iPhone 5.
iPhone 5 – the Software
One thing that has always stunned experts is the way Apple brings changes to its software. It is sometimes very subtle where you expect it to be huge, and hugely stunning where you expect it to be subtle. Most experts feel that after the recently concluded WWDC – where iOS 5 and iCloud were the topics – there could be no great change but for these two, in the iPhone 5 specifications. Well, that may be true to a large extent, but only a final release of the iPhone 5 will tell.
Here’s again a list of things we could be looking for in the iPhone 5 specs.
iOS 5 – A brand new phone and a brand new OS. The iOS (formerly known as iPhone OS) featured since the days of the iPhone 2G. These are very popular times of the iOS 4 but that is soon set to change. IOS 5 has been announced officially. The way it works is through gesture-based controls more than button taps. Perhaps that is why people suspect the lack of a home button in the iPhone 5 features. Design-wise too there are quite a number of changes and enhancements in iOS 5 which was released in the WWDC held this June.
iCloud – We just had the release of some beta apps with iCloud enabled in them. ICloud is the next big thing according to Apple. It is all about sync and nothing more – sync done right. Usually sync is where you had to connect devices and take further steps – for instance, iTunes. But with iCloud all that work is done with a simple tap of a button – the iCloud button. From within iCloud enabled applications, all you need to do is tap this and your document, photo, contact, bookmark, calendar or whatever gets pushed to all your other Apple devices with the iCloud equipped!
HD Video Recording and HDMI Output – In sync with the iOS 5 features, there is a strong possibility that iPhone 5 comes with HDMI output and most certainly with HD video recording. iPhone 4 had HD video recording already and iPhone 5 might either have the same or an enhanced version of it.
4G connectivity
Having the ability to connect to a 4G network from the iPhone 5 is undoubtedly the most coveted feature among consumers and enterprise customers alike. As more devices enter the market with 4G connectivity, the onus will be on Apple to add that option in an upcoming device. With 4G connectivity included, the iPhone 5 would be able to eliminate the biggest advantage devices like the HTC Evo 4G have over it, as well as appeal to those customers who don’t want to get bogged down at 3G speeds

 Near-field communication
    Ever since iPhone 5 rumors started to crop up, discussions have been ongoing about the    possibility of Apple bringing near-field communication to its smartphone. Though it’s still a fledgling market, near-field communication is very much the future. If the iPhone 5 supported it, that industry would grow quite rapidly. Apple has been a trendsetter in the past. If it can do it again with near-field communication, the long-term revenue potential from customers who want to take advantage of the technology’s ease of use could be huge for Apple.

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