Hp Tablets outsold Samsung Galaxy Tab

NPD’s latest stats show that HP is leading the US tablet market for 2011. some might think that Samsung is the ruler of the US market, when it comes to non-iPad slates, but things are not like that. The study done by NPD Group details the sales for the first 10 months of the year.

 1.2 million Hp slates were sold at retail across the country, aside from Apple products, the rest of the companies don’t have much to share between then. HP leads the pack with 204k units sold between the launch time and October. This means that the fire sale and the $99 TouchPad were actually a good move, making HP a leader in sales.

Total tablet industry sales, for both hardware and accessories, brought in nearly $700 million.

Tablet hardware sales accelerated throughout the year with each quarter performing better than the prior quarter. Third quarter sales were two times that of second quarter sales and second quarter sales were three times better than first quarter.

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