Notion Ink Adam tablet in Alpha ROM

Notion Ink has released a new alpha ROM of Ice Cream Sandwich for its Adam tablets, building on its previous release in December and making Android 4.0.3 far more usable on the slate. The latest iteration now means WiFi and Bluetooth are supported, along with hardware acceleration and GPS.There’s a demo of this upgrade courtesy of MrDead Locked, that shows us the software in the video below.

The fixes include audio and sensors (compass too), Bluetooth, a sleep bug that is now gone (but you need to change WiFi policy for this) and hardware acceleration. You also get the WiFi working, HDMI video (with no sound), capacitive buttons, back buttons and SD card mount. We can see the guy behind this idea playing a game that looks like MegaMan, unless I’m mistaking it. He also plays a bit of GTA III, but the game is not quite working fine at the moment.
Things left to fix are the 3G bugs (working on kernel level now), the camera, USB plugged in at boot, USB mass storage and video acceleration for HQ YouTube vids. You can download the update for the Notion Ink Adam tablet from here or here. Keep in mind that issues may still appear, until the software is finalized…

Source: Notion Ink

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