Archos G10 XS Android 4.0 tablet

Archos is a company from France, in case you didn’t know and they recently unveiled a new tablet model during an event in Paris. This is the Archos G10 XS I’m talking about, a new slate with “paper thin” steel, according to its maker,  that replaced aluminum with this resilient layer.

Archos G10 XS is confirmed to run Android 4.0 and its price range should be around 200 to 300 euros, depending on the model of your choice. I expect a dual core Snapdragon S4 CPU here, maybe a Tegra 3 who knows, but surely not Tegra 2

And it also will have a close relationship with a keyboard, with which it will dock or possibly just sync. That puts it on a collision course with another major Android player, Asus, whose Transformer series has had a keyboard as a major feature for some time now

Other models were mentioned as well, including some budget and mid-range items. Liliputing snapped a few pictures of promotional materials, if you’re curious.

Archos G10 XS Android 4.0 tablet Archos G10 XS Android 4.0 tablet Reviewed by Admin on 5:29 PM Rating: 5


  1. Very interesting info!Perfect just what I was looking for!

  2. Very interesting information!Perfect just what I was searching for!


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