ASUS Transformer Prime Upgraded Version Coming on March 29th

ASUS has just unveiled that an update for the famous Transformer Prime quad core tablet will come soon, but they didn’t give out too many details. The update was announced on ASUS's Italian Facebook Page and the most significant upgrade will come to the tablet's networking capacity.

This accessory allows the slate’s USB port to connect to a wired Ethernet cable, making the Prime even closer to a laptop alternative. There’s also an updated software on board, version, that brings a new camera firmware update system, that removes the need to update separately the software for the camera. This means that from now on users will get the cam updates with regular firmware updates. Other changes include the move to the Play Store instead of Android Market, Play Books, Play Music and such, plus the ASUS Vibe software goes to version 2.0 and gets a refreshed UI.ASUS-Eee-Pad-Transformer-Prime


The HDMI-out connection has received a considerable overhaul, with the added ability to display in portrait mode. You can also choose between a full-screen upscale or a crop on 1080p television sets or monitors.

Users will also be able to control notifications, such as unread messages, directly from the lockscreen, presumably jumping straight into the relevant app and bypassing the homescreen. There’ll be Face Unlock support too.
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