HP Slate 8 Windows Tablet

If you're hoping for a slim Windows 8 tablet that can run existing desktop software, HP might have you covered with the "Slate 8."A leaked slide from HP shows that the company is working on a Windows 8 tablet that will be thinner than the iPad.

Neowin has posted an alleged product rendering of the rumored HP tablet, along with some details about the device. The Slate 8 will reportedly be an x86-based machine with a 10.1-inch display, eight to 10 hours of battery life, and a frame that measures 0.36 inches thick--slightly thinner than Apple's new iPad.

It will also have eight to ten hours of battery life along with touch and digital pen interfaces, and for business users it will include better integration with Windows based applications and networks.One thing not shown on the slide is a price.

Unfortunately there isn’t a release date or any pricing information on the slide. We know that the slate won’t hit the market until at least later this year when Microsoft releases Windows 8, likely around October.

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