Intel Letexo Hybrid Tablet-Ultrabook

At IDF 2012 held in Beijing, Intel showed off a Windows 8 prototype unit that they have dubbed the Letexo. The device is a hybrid of sorts, allowing the user to “transform” it into either a tablet, an ultrabook or even an all-in-one PC. When placed flat against the keyboard of the device, the Letexo can easily pull double duty as a tablet, allowing it to act more as a streamlined unit rather than a bulky contraption.

The "Letexo" concecpt will have powerful Intel Core processor, possibly a 17 watts Ivy Bridge CPU, should be able to make a device with the mobility of a tablet and the productivity of a laptop. Its design is reminiscent of the ASUS Eee Pad Slider and the Transformer/Transformer Prime, but it certainly saves the user the hassle of trying to decide if they would rather buy an ultrabook, or a tablet and if they are willing to spend extra money on the detachable keyboard accessory

Specifications are unknown at this point, but the Letexo/Cove Point is expected to be powered by Intel’s Ivy Bridge processors and will run on Windows 8. It could cost approximately $1000.
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