ViewSonic 22 inch Tablet

ViewSonic thinks out of the box. The standard size for most tablets is 10 inches and ViewSonic plans to break this. ViewSonic has embraced the idea, as they just announced they will be showing off a 22 inch tablet/monitor running Android at Computex on June 5th. .Tablets are portable devices but the size of 22 inches will surely make wonder. The viewSonic has sent a teaser for its "Touch and Connect" series.

The ViewSonic touch-enabled device will be joined by a Windows 8 multi-touch display, new cloud computing solutions, high-end laser projectors and some interactive electronic billboards by End of this year.

ViewSonic 22 inch tablet

However, it is definitely going to be exciting to see such a large monitor running the Android ICS. As of now, no details about this device are revealed. We don’t know what anything about its resolution or hardware.

Let us wait for the device to be unveiled at Computex know more about it. ViewSonic is known for its monitors range and so it is not a great surprise to see such a large monitor that runs the Android OS from it.
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