Windows 8 tablet from Acer and Toshiba on the way

Acer, Toshiba and Asustek Computer will unveil tablets running Microsoft Windows 8 operating system next week, it is being said that such windows 8 tablets will challenge the dominance of Apple iPad. Lenovo (IdeaPad Yoga) and Intel( Cove Point) have already shown off devices designed to support Windows 8.

Of course, other companies are expected to get into the Windows 8 tablet market. Consumers can expect Windows 8 tablets and PCs coming from HP and Dell, as well.

windows 8 Tablet

Windows 8 also will be the first version of the software that will work on processors using ARM Holdings Plc technology, a type of chip made by Qualcomm Inc., Texas Instruments Inc. and Nvidia Corp, that dominates the phone industry. ARM-based chips, manufactured by Samsung Electronics Co., power the iPad.

The June 5-9 Taipei show will highlight a limited number of ARM-based devices as Microsoft seeks to ensure that when Windows 8 is released later this year, the products will stand up to comparisons with the iPad. Microsoft plans to show off Asustek devices in a presentation by Vice President Steven Guggenheimer at the show on June 6.

Spokesmen for Microsoft, Asustek, Acer, Nvidia, Intel and Texas Instruments declined to comment on their plans before announcements and demonstrations planned for next week, but Bloomberg has reported it.
Windows 8 tablet from Acer and Toshiba on the way Windows 8 tablet from Acer and Toshiba on the way Reviewed by Admin on 6:04 PM Rating: 5


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