Lenovo ThinkPad2 with Windows 8

In May 2012, Lenovo indicated that the company was working on a ThinkPad tablet running Windows 8.This tablet would have an Intel processor and tie into a cloud service that Lenovo is building.

Microsoft didn’t offer up many specifics about the Surface Pro internals when the tablet was revealed, but Lenovo’s freshly-leaked ThinkPad Tablet 2 may provide a bit of insight.

lenovo-windows-8-thinkpad-tablet-2Through different source we could get below leaked specifications of ThinkPad2.

ThinkPad2 Specifications

  • Dual-core Intel Clover Trail processor,

  • 720p (1366 by 768 pixel resolution) display,

  • 2GB of RAM

  • 64GB of internal storage.

  • 802.11 a/b/g/n Wi-Fi,

  • Bluetooth 4.0,

  • GPS, NFC, and both HSPA+ and LTE modems.

  • 2MP front-facing camera for video conferencing

  • 8MP shooter on the back

  • fingerprint reader for added security.

  • battery life 10 hours

  • 9.8mm thick,

  • 650g magnesium

  • ABS casing.

As for the operating system, Lenovo has opted to ship the 32-bit flavor of Windows 8 because It will offers complete backwards compatibility
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