Aakash Tablet Project will Continue- Indian Government

There has been rumor in market that , Indian government may cancel the Aakash tablet Project.  Aakash tablet is suffering from delays in manufacturing, a faulty processor and low memory. Aakash tablet has been a dream project of IT and Telecom Minister Kapil Sibal.

Talking to journalists after a meeting at the District Congress Committee (DCC) office, New HRD minister Mr. Raju said. "The Aakash tablet, which is a dream project of the government, has been successful. The delay in delivering the product was due to the huge number of people who pre-ordered it. We will try to solve the issues of performance of the tablet and its distribution. Already, the second and third improved versions of Aakash have been released."

Aakash Tablet

Aakash tablet is low cost alternative that was to change the way India's students learned.The USD 35 device has not met expectations and the government finally conceded a failure in production. The first generation of the tablet was scrapped because of poor quality. Later on Aakash Tablet 2 was released with more features and increased performance. 1 lakh tablets were to be delivered by 31st March. But only 17000 have been delivered to IIT Bombay, while the vendor, Datawind said another 29400 are in transit, much less than the original target.
Meanwhile, Jaynarayan Vyas, leader of the main Opposition party, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) said, "I am not surprised at the fate of Aakash. It has been a disastrous failure". There was a huge difference in quality between the prototype and final version.Projected cost was USD 35, but the final launch price of Aakash 2 is nearly double that.

Although there has been many troubles wth Aakash Tablet project. But as now Govt. will continue their operations with Datawind. It is possible that in few days more details will be out and hopefully Indian student will get Aakash Tablet.
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